Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jesus' Corrections

Thursday, August 11, 2011 -- Week of Proper 14, Year One
Clare, Abbess at Assisi, 1253

Today's Readings for the Daily Office
(Book of Common Prayer, 978)
Psalms 105:1-22 (morning)      105:23-45 (evening)
2 Samuel 15:1-18
Acts 21:27-36
Mark 10:32-45

I've got to get away early today.  No time to write. 

Incredible readings today.  Absalom's coup attempt forces King David to flee Jerusalem.  It is interesting that most of the armed men he takes with him are Palestinian troops who followed him.

Paul provokes retaliation from a cadre of men who think they are defending their culture and religion. 

And Jesus leads the disciples into Jerusalem.  There is a sense of foreboding that gets acted out by James and John in an inappropriate power move.  Jesus corrects them with a teaching on servant leadership.

Lots to think about.  Sabotage and subversion.  Violence.  (I've just been reading a book about the activities of the Klan and others who tried to defend their traditional culture and values in the 1960's.) 

In a sense, the brief story in Mark today offers an antidote to the problems of the first two readings.  Jesus gives the example of non-violent, fearless, servant leadership.  



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